Peckinpah was opened in late December of 2010 by owners Tyson Reimer and Ryan Murfitt. The restaurant is named after the legendary film director, whiskey guzzler and rabble-rouser Sam Peckinpah, for no other reason than the owners are big fans, and because he kicked ass.

Our goal is to provide kick-ass North Carolina style BBQ with fast and friendly service, think “Backyard BBQ” with a little Canadian twist on Southern hospitality.

In January 2022 we opened the doors of the Squamish edition of Peckinpah’s and will continue with the traditions and great food that began more than a decade ago.

Come on by for a taste of the south, here in the north.

The Meats

All of our feature meats are smoked in-house for five to eighteen hours (depending on the recipe and type of meat), and most are served ‘naked’ (without sauce) – with the exception of our pulled pork, which has some chili vinegar mixed into it. Chili vinegar is the ‘official’ BBQ sauce of Eastern Carolina, where red (tomato or ketchup based) sauce is actually taboo. To Eastern North Carolinians, chili vinegar enhances the seasoning and smoke flavours, while red sauce covers them. Since we are not located in Carolina we offer both types of BBQ sauce, and both are made in-house.